Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 38

Day 38 was 40 miles less than yesterday, but to me actually felt longer.  I think there are a couple of reasons for this.  One I felt really good yesterday and for the first part I was in a zone, but felt good all day.  By comparison, the last 20 miles today was a real grind.  I suspect another factor is we did not load until 7:30.  Though I understand the reason for the late start, (shorter day and flat terrain), we are primed to be on the road generally between 6:00 to 6:30 so we just ended up sitting around after breakfast waiting to leave.  The first picture is me kicking back before I left. 

We did ride through some pretty wooded areas as we have before.  The second picture is of a densely wooded area along the ride.  We have been in and out of these areas yesterday and today and though difficult to describe, they seem different to me than wooded areas in MN.  Part is the trees are right next to the road with no ditches in places. 

I got my chocolate milk fix when I got in.  I also had a sub sandwich from Subway.  I have eaten at enough Subway’s on the trip to be Jared's assistant. 

My room is very nice as have been the rooms all along the trip.  Some were quite small, but they were clean and met the objective.  I have met and thought a lot about the invisible workers in America on this trip.  These are the service people who work at hotels cleaning rooms and working at convenience stores and restaurants among other jobs.  These people work very hard, for very little money and the only time they get noticed is when they do not do their job.  We all expect a clean room at a hotel and the hotel expects the rooms to be cleaned as fast as possible during the busy season.  Many of these workers are seasonal, or laid off when business is slow, but also expected to work very hard when they are there.  Many do not have health care or adequate dental care.  I have seen women with few or only one tooth in their mouths.  I have been impressed at how many take their jobs seriously and work very hard.  I always try and visit with hotel service people and thank them for their work.  Our country has spent most of the last two years debating raising taxes on the wealthiest in our country and though I am not super rich, I am clearly blessed and by most definitions would be considered in the wealthiest group.  We spend very little if any time discussing the millions and millions of individuals who work hard cleaning rooms, bussing tables or working in convenience stores making our lives possible and easier.

Tomorrow looks to be a long day with rain and t-storms all day in the forecast.     


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