Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 29

By tour standards, Day 29 was pretty mellow.  Sioux Falls to Worthington, MN, about 70 miles, and we caught a moderate tailwind so a I made good time.  The first pictures are from the Falls in Sioux Falls, which are very impressive, especially with the high water in the Sioux River.  I have been to Sioux Falls a number of times for business and have never visited the Falls or the surrounding park which was very nice. 

The next two pictures were of the sign announcing we were entering Minnesota.  Though SD is a great state, we are hoping for better weather in MN. 

The hotel we are staying at in Worthington would win the award so far for best welcome.  When we arrived they had water bottles on ice, fresh fruit, and yogurt waiting for us. 

Many riders could not believe that Minnesota could be this hot in the summer.  I think some assumed it would be still snowing.  For many of them, their frame of reference is the movie Fargo.  They are disappointed I do not  speak like the characters in the movie. 

Tomorrow 102 miles to Mankato.  Let’s hope for tailwind. 

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