Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 24

I did something today that I have never done before and plan to never do again.   I biked 117 miles into mostly a headwind and rain the whole day.  The only good news is there were no t-storms and it was in the mid-60s.  I was one of the riders who had full rain gear on.  Most road in shorts and a light rain jacket.  Even so, I was cold.  Many riders sagged in; however, over half road the whole way including 2 who spent over 11 hours on their bikes.  The last ten miles was the worst as the wind picked up. After  a “rest” stop, my shoes got all gunked up and I could not clip in so had to keep stopping to clean my shoes. I started to bonk so I had to stop and eat, and finally hit some mud right before the hotel and wiped out.  Both myself and the bike are fine. 

No pictures, too wet.

Also, I am really torked because when we crossed the Missouri to enter Pierre at the end of the ride, we went to CST and I lost an hour.  Normally this does not bother me, but I really need this hour back.  I need all the rest I can get, and then someone steals an hour from me.  I plan to file an official complaint when I have time.  

Tomorrow will be different but the same.  Again we will be biking into a headwind, but it will be a hot one with temps going into the 90s .   

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