Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 26

We caught a break with the weather today.  I was on the road a little after 6:00.  Though the forecast was for very hot and a headwind, the day started cloudy with a rain shower south of us.  A few of the showers reached us and though I got a little wet, it kept the temperature low in the morning.  Also, not much wind so that was not a factor.  It was about 70 miles so I made good time and was in by 11:00, just about the time the skies cleared and it got very hot and wind very fast.

It turned out to be a busy afternoon.  I did laundry.  Then my buddy since college and chiropractor of the last 30 years, Kent, set me up with a treatment with a local chiropractor in Mitchell.  Kent told him what I needed and he did a great job.  Kent is the one who keeps me adjusted so I can do all the things I do.  He offered to come to Sioux Falls tomorrow to give me a treatment.  That’s a good friend.  

Then my phone broke so I spent two hours getting a new one.  No pictures today because of the phone.  

I did eat well today.  At breakfast I had scrambled eggs and oatmeal.  After a couple of snacks, I went to Perkins which was right next to the hotel.  I ordered a veggie omelet and pancakes and basically ate the whole thing before the waitress was able to turn around.  It was a little embarrassing.  For supper we went to a Mexican restaurant near the hotel.  I had a fajita burrito which was excellent.  The amazing thing is there are others here who are eating more than me.   Now I am going to stretch and eat some m&m’s.  

Tomorrow is to Sioux Falls and again is supposed to be hot and windy.  I do not think we will get lucky two days in a row.   

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