Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 31

Day 31 started early.  The staff loads the sag van with luggage at the same time, today it was at 5:45 with breakfast afterwards.  I made some oatmeal in my room and left as soon as I loaded.  I thought the extra 20-25 minutes would benefit me later.  The picture is of the flags in front of the hotel.  The wind was 15-20 all day out of the SSW.  Anything out of the west is always good, so had at least a slight tailwind most of the day. Even so, after yesterday's heat and 102 miles, 100 miles today was grueling at the end, especially with the heat. 

Riding in heat like this can be very difficult, and many riders are suffering.  The only happy rider is Terry from Tucson who is used to riding in 100+ degrees.  So far, I have been hanging in there. I try to drink a lot of water which is one key.  Also, not so bad when biking, but when I get off the bike, my first thought is wow, it is really hot here.  Locals in various towns are always asking how we can bike in this weather.  Some think we are crazy, others are sure we are.

All day riders were mentioning to me the banner Barb and Charlie had made for me, they thought that was pretty special, and it was.  Also, many met Morgan and Christi and were very impressed.  The funniest was Karina who told me afterwards that “Morgan was really handsome."  The way she said it while she was looking at me, it sounded likes given the genes, this was a total surprise. 

Many riders are amazed that it can be this hot and humid in Minnesota.  I told one rider that sometimes alligators hide in corn fields so be careful.  He thought I was kidding, but not sure.  He was pretty nervous the rest of the day. 

Tomorrow we leave Minnesota and cross the Mississippi to Wisconsin. 

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