Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 36 - Part 2

The ferry ride was better than I anticipated.  Before getting on the ferry, I found a bike shop in Manitowac which had restored antique bikes.  The picture is of bikes in the shop along with an owner.  One of the bike was a kid’s bike from the 1950s that weighted over 50 lbs. 

The next pictures are of the ferry unloading, riders stacking their bikes and the Michigan coast from the ferry.  The ferry was three stories and it was a beautiful days so most riders spent the ride on the top deck in lounge chairs.  There were two restaurants, big screen TVs and bingo which I ignored.  I read and took a nap.

The last picture is me under the welcome Michigan sign.  Tomorrow we ride 113 miles and again we lost an hour as we moved to Eastern time.  Cuts the night short. 

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