Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 16

We were told today would be the most scenic day on the tour.  I am not sure about that, but we did see some amazing scenery.  After leaving Jackson Hole, we entered Teton National Park.  We rode 26 miles through the Park.  If you have never seen the Tetons, they are spectacular.  The first picture is of me at the entrance and the next two are of the Tetons.  We saw buffalo and elk as we road through the Park. 

After leaving the Park, we started our climb to Togwotee Pass at 9658 feet which is the continental divide.  Though difficult, it was not as hard as yesterday.  The next picture is of Karina climbing behind me followed by pictures of myself at the top along with another of me Karina and Jeff.  Notice all the snow.   Like Montana, the snow melt is still ongoing and there were many small streams of running water along with the rivers.  Both the Snake River on the west side and Wind River on the east side are flooding.   

The ride into Dubois was great, basically 26 miles of downhill.

The staff said yesterday and today are the two most difficult of the tour.  For me the most difficult were the 116 followed by 80 over three passes, but yesterday was very difficult.  We just found out that due to flooding the road we were supposed to ride on tomorrow is closed and we are doing a detour of 20+ miles bringing the total to 97.  In a car, a detour is frustrating, on a bike it can lead to naughty words being said. 

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