Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 35

By our standards, today was an easy day, 58 miles from Fond du Lac to Manitowac.  Another very nice day for riding with a tailwind part of the time. 

The first picture is of Nancy and her daughter Adrianne.  Nancy turned 69 today.  This is her second time on this ride.  She did it four years ago and now is doing it again with her daughter Adrianne.  She proves every day that all ages can do this tour, you just have to want to and train.  Nancy works out all year long and has actually done bike tours all over the world.  She is a very consistent and strong rider. 

The second picture is of the lighthouse as we left Fond du Lac.  Pretty cool.

The third picture is of an unscheduled rest stop.  Travis, who is the rider with MS which is in remission, is doing this ride to raise money and awareness for MS.  His wife SuEllen flew in from Denver a couple of days ago and some of his family from Chicago drove up to have cold water and snack bags for us.  It was very nice and a real treat.

The fourth picture is our first sighting of Lake Michigan.  As we approached the Lake and rode near it, the temps really dropped. 

Finally there is a picture of Kim's sister Kelly and her husband Kevin from last night.  It was awesome they came to see.  They took me out for turtle sundaes and I think that was one of the reasons I was not hungury today. 

Tomorrow is virtually a rest day as we take the ferry across the lake to Michigan.  We ride a couple of miles to the lake and a couple of miles when we get in at the other side. 

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