Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 27

Day 27 started out very foggy.  The first picture is of loading our gear into the van at about 6:30 am with the fog in the background.  The fog hung around for almost two hours which was a good thing as it kept riders cool.  We knew once the fog burned off, it would get very hot with a SE wind.  After about 10 miles I was totally soaked from the fog, but the temperature was in the low 70s so was not cold.  Since the beginning of the tour one of my call lines as I went by other riders who were looking at the scenery was “just like Fargo.” Today it was true, the farm and dairy land we passed were very similar to parts of ND.  Since we were on country roads, I had more people wave to me in the last two days than in the trip so far.  Part of small town friendliness that city folk do not understand.  

The second picture was at a rest stop.  I had got a minor sun burn a few days ago and a staff member, Barb, told me I had a minor sunburn today so I put a lot on at the stop.  Diane and Anne thought I put on too much and they wanted a picture but would not touch me.  

Though I knew this, I was surprised to remember the James River flows out of ND into SD and ultimately the Missouri.  I crossed it east of Mitchell and like many other rivers, it was flooding.  Crossing it in the fog was like looking at a bog in the mist.   We often forget that there is a small radius in ND where depending on the where the rain drops, it may end up in the Red River or the Missouri River.  

Even with the heat I did very well today. The main reason was my good friends Dot and Ken came from Fargo to visit  and hang out with me.  I was really excited to see them.  They got to the hotel just after I did, took me to a bike shop to pick up some things, took me to a massage that was great and we just go back from dinner.  Dot and I go back to Concordia (I am older) and introduced me to Kim.  Kim has forgiven her and we have all been best friends ever since.  It takes special friends to drive four hours to hang out and be a chauffeur, but I appreciate it very much and it is great to be with them.  The last picture is of us at the bike shop.

Tomorrow is a much needed rest day. 

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