Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 23

Day 23 was supposed to be an easier day, 57 miles from Rapid City to Wall Drug.  The prevailing wind in western SD is southwest; however, we got a strong SE wind and it was a long day.  Worse news, tomorrow we go 117 miles and it looks like the wind will again be in our faces and pretty strong at times.  There is also a chance of t-storms.  It will be a challenge.  

I only took one picture -- it was next to a restaurant with a sign over a table outside saying “world’s smallest biker bar”. The terrain was range land which I normally enjoy as again I can imagine large herds of buffalo, antelope, deer and other animals which roamed the open prairie for thousands of years.  We did drop into the edge of the Badlands but I will miss the main part tomorrow.  I have read that when the frontiersmen and settlers first came through this area, they found dinosaur bones just laying on the ground in the Badlands.  Hard to imagine this was tropical millions of years ago with dinosaurs roaming around.  If I could get a dinosaur to walk very slowly in front of me tomorrow and block the wind, I would take that in a heartbeat.

We are staying in Wall, which is the home of the world famous Wall Drug.  If you have not been here, it the ultimate tourist stop.  Other riders have been surprised to see Wall Drug signs since eastern Wyoming.  I said you can find them for miles in any direction.  As I understand it, the family that started Wall Drug originally advertised “free ice cold” water to encourage travelers to stop and the rest is history.  

I have never ridden 117 miles into the wind.  117 miles with the wind at my back last week wore me out.  Tomorrow will be an interesting day.


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