Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 34

Day 34 was a good day.  We rode 84 miles from Wisconsin Dells to Fond du Lac in Wisconsin.  Again, we got a break on the weather which made the day better.  The forecast was for scattered t-storms, some possibly severe; However, when I got up around 5:15 Fond du Lac was having a severe t-storm which essentially cleared all the weather out of the way for us.  The rest of the bad weather was south of us. This meant we had cloudy skies and relatively cool temps for the first 40+ miles.  I have commented before on the different smells as we have ridden through varous areas.  Mountains with evergreens, prairies with sage, and all the farm smells when we road through MN.  Today, with the recent rain, the smell was clean and fresh, as long as I did not smell myself or other riders. We rode along beside lakes through green wooded areas and crops growing. 

The first picture is of some falls at the first rest stop.  The second picture is of me being totally color coordinated.  My shirt is red with black biking shorts, my bike is red and white, my tires black with a red stripe, and my shoes black with red and white print on them.  Normally, I could care less about fashion, especially on a bike, but yesterday I got a lot of grief from other riders for two reasons.  I was wearing rubber booties over my biking shoes.  The reason is the forecase was for rain and I wanted to keep my shoes dry and riding on the crushed limestone would be dirty, especially if wet.  Since it only sprinkled, I ended up not needing the booties and caught a lot of grief.  The second reason is normally I wear touring shorts with pockets, but every once and awhile I wear traditional biking shorts.  Since I like pockets, I cut the bottoms out of some old touring shorts and put them over the top.  Since they are both black most people do not notice (see picture), but yesterday word got out and I got a lot good natured ribbing.  I just said I am a trendsetter.  

Had a great surprise tonight.  Kim's sister Kelly and her husband Kevin came to see me on the way to see his familly in Wisconsin.  It was fun to hangout and eat some ice cream.

Finally, Courtney turned 30 today.  I have talked to her and sent her a text, but also Happy Birthday Courtney.  You are an amazing person and I am blessed to have you as my daughter. 
Tomorrow we go Manitowoc.

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