Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 18

Day 18 is the longest ride of the tour at 120 miles through Wyoming from Dubois to Casper.  Though I had the same average speed as yesterday, 15.7 mph, and the distance was shorter yesterday, I actually felt better today.  The scenery was all the same, open range, but for me, very beautiful.  It made me think of when the West was first settled and even before that when various Native American tribes lived in this area.  We actually biked past a place where the Native Americans ran the buffalo off a ridge.  I only took one picture. 

When I bike long distances, I try not to think about total distances, but rather break the distance down to tenth’s.  So today, I just thought about one-tenth at a time which today was 12 miles.  When I would finish a distance, would focus on the next one.  It is a lot easier to think about  biking 12 miles than 120.  It helped that Kim was here.  I was really looking forward to getting done and hanging out with her.  

Not sure, but I would guess this was our last view of the mountains.  

Tomorrow is a rest day.  Rest days have a new meaning in my life.  

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