Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 37

Some days life is just good and Day 37 was one of them for me.  In athletics every once in awhile you can get in a zone and though mine are few and far between, today was one of them.  For the first 40+ miles I just cruised and felt really good.  I actually skipped the first rest stop as I did not want to get off my bike.  (This is not good as we sign in at each rest stop, that is one of the ways the staff keeps track of riders.  Fortunately, a friend saw me go and signed in form me.)  We were going through county roads with low traffic, in or near a government forest land.  We were often right next to the trees and even at 9:00 I was in an area where the road was completely covered by shade. Unfortunately, the zone ended and I still had 73 miles to go, a total of 113.  But I still felt pretty good and made good time.  

The only picture is from the third rest stop which was next to a senior center.  I could not help but think that some of the riders were the same age as some of the individuals in the senior center.  Life is partly about genetics and health issues, but it is also about the lifestyle we lead and the choices we make.  At a rest stop a friend told me he doesn't date women his age because they are “really old." I am not sure that is true as I know women his age that are pretty amazing, at the same time it was funny and had some truth to it.  Many women could say the same thing about a lot of men.

After a great day of riding, I got great news.  Morgan just found out that he passed the second level of the CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) exam.  In my estimation, this is the most difficult program in the financial services industry and passing the second level is an amazing achievement.  

Tomorrow we go to Birch Run.

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