Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 20

Day 20 was a breeze, literally.  As the first picture shows we had a great tailwind.  We went from Casper to Lusk which is 106 miles, but with a tailwind, I averaged 18.2 mph, a personal record for me in a century.  I am sure the stronger riders were all in the low 20s for average speed.  If that wind had been in our face, I would still be out there.  Biking 106 miles is never easy, but a tailwind sure makes it go faster and a lot less difficult.  

The countryside was similar the whole way, Wyoming range land.  The next picture is looking back to Casper and the foothills there.  Though some may have found the view tiresome, for me it was interesting.  There is so much history here with the conflict between first the frontiersmen and then setters.  We have been following the North Platte for some time which is a famous boundary and source of abundant game.  We were in Shoshone and Arapaho territory and now we are moving into historical Sioux hunting grounds.  

The last picture is of Mary running after the ride.  In my estimation Mary is the best athlete here as she has done several marathons and is now training for the Portland Marathon this fall and ultimately a full triathlon next summer in Cour d’Alene, ID.  Three to four times a week she runs after biking.  I walked a block to get a Subway and was pretty proud of myself.  

Today is Kim’s and my wedding anniversary.  She left this morning to go back to our condo in Big Sky.  We have been happily married for 34 years and have two amazing kids.  We have been truly blessed.  Though like any marriage we have had our challenges.  For me, being married to a perennial Miss (now Mrs.) Congeniality is very difficult.  I told my friends on the tour once they met Kim they would like her better.  They all said that would not happen, but after spending time with her the past few days, they all said I was right, they like her better.  They all agreed she is pretty amazing.  I do maintain she would not be as popular if I was more fun.  It’s just by comparison, she shines.  

Tomorrow we leave Wyoming and enter South Dakota. 

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