Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 8 - Goodbye Oregon, Hello Idaho!

On Day 8 we left Oregon and entered Idaho on the way to Boise, a total of 64 miles.  Ontario, OR, is on the border of Idaho and the first picture is of me and the Idaho sign.  We rode in ranch land with occasional farms and ranch houses.  We saw cattle and lots of horses.  One black and white pinto was very cool as it was rolling on its back in the green grass.  For part of this ride, we road along a very pretty river and the second picture is of the river.

The third picture is of Tom from Seattle.  Tom is one of three riders who signed up for the first leg only of the tour and headed back to Seattle tonight.  There are several very strong or fast riders, but he was probably the fastest.  He would just rocket by each day.  He is an engineer who works for Boeing.  

As we approached Boise there were more houses and less ranch land.  It ended up to be a pretty tough ride as it was hot and the wind increased from the SE. Unfortunately, we were going SE.  

Getting into Boise I followed my usual routine -- eat, take a shower, eat some more, go to supper and eat some more.  Tomorrow is a rest day and I am ready for a day off.  I have done a lot of tough week long rides, but this was the toughest.  Time to rest up and start again. 


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