Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 4 - Kah Nee Ta to Prineville Averaged 14.0 mph

Day 4, by tour standards, was an easy day.  But it was still a total of 60 miles with over 3,000 total feet of climbing.

As you would expect, hydration is a very important part of long distance cycling.  Once a rider gets dehydrated, it is very difficult to catch up.  I know -- I have done it a few times.  So far, I have been doing well in that department. I drink a lot of water at night and before I leave in the morning.  Of course, hydration leads to a lot of bathroom breaks.  On the road, another name for a public bathroom is a tree. In eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota, it may be a bush or very large weed.  Riders are discreet, but it's not unusual to see a bike off to the side of the road with no rider to be seen.  Fortunately, we are usually on low traffic roads.  

The route today was very scenic.  We were in high plains with few trees and a lot of sagebrush.  Looking over our back shoulder one could see Mt. Hood and off to the side, three snow covered mountains which I believe are called Three  Sisters.  Even with a tailwind for part of the ride, I was tired at the end.  A DQ next to the motel supplied me with a Chocholate Extreme Blizzard.  

Each ride starts with breakfast than loading our luggage on the luggage van.  The first picture is of two of our International riders after they have loaded their luggage.  Lucy is from London and Michel is from Quebec.  Lucy just finished college and is taking a break before either work or grad school.  She is a continually upbeat and happy person.  This is Michel’s second ABBike tour.  He speaks English with a thick French accent.  I am trying to learn to speak English with a French accent also. I think that would make me very cool.  No one is impressed so far.  The second is Jim and Jeff, two of the staff, loading the van.  

Tomorrow will be a very long day, 116 miles -- just short of twice as far as we road today.  It will be a challenge so I hope there's a DQ in the next town.

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