Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 11 - Averaged 15.6 mpg

Day 11 was long, 97 miles, but we had a nice tailwind for much of it which made the day much easier.  Even so, I was very tired at the end of the day and had a very sore knee.  

I probably biked the first 20 miles as fast I have ever ridden 20 miles, a little over an hour.  That is half speed for Lance Armstrong, but pretty good for me.  A tailwind really helps.  There is a range of riders on the tour.  Some very fast, some in the middle, and some that average slower speeds, but show up at the end of the day having ridden every mile.  The first picture is of three of the fastest riders who have been friends for years.  We call them the Three Amigos as they have ridden many miles together and generally are in a three person pace group that really rocks.  I was going between 19-20 mph today and they blew by me.  Ed is 68, Bruce is 65 and Dan is 59.

For most of the day we rode through ranch land with occasional breaks of irrigated farm land which was very green.  I was surprised with the very large dairy operations we saw, especially as we rode closer to Twin Falls.  Riders who were not used to “farm” smells may have had trouble breathing, but it had lots of memories for me.  The second picture is of some cattle who had just run over to the fence to watch me and another rider ride by.  The other rider is Nancy and next picture is of her as we had to ride a short mile on a road that was under construction.  

The last two pictures are of the gorge as we rode into Twin Falls.  It is an amazing view.  

Yesterday, I had my first sitz bath, today I tried an ice bath.  Several riders have been doing it and stated it has helped them recover for the next day.  It was not fun, but I think it helped.  One of the other riders said if I was not screaming, it was not cold enough.  Hope the walls were thick.  We will find out tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be our last short day for awhile.  Hopefully, it will go smoothly. 

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