Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 6

It was another beautiful day, but very challenging, especially after 116 miles yesterday.  We did 80 miles today and went over 3 mountain passes. We climbed for 20 miles first through ranch land and then into a national forest.  Right before the first summit there was a lookout with a covered wagon.  The first two pictures are from the lookout -- a picture of the mountains behind us and several riders on the covered wagon.  The third picture is me at the summit.  After an intense decline the first rest stop was next to a little restaurant with great food.  I had one of the best chocolate brownies I have ever had.  Another climb through pristine forest next to a stream and eventually a babbling brook.  Actually, it was me that was babbling, the brook was fine.  The next picture is of the elevation sign with a rider in front of it. 

After the decline, another climb to the third summit was a killer for me.  I did not bonk, but could see it.  Fortunately, it was mostly downhill to the next rest stop.  The next two pictures are eating lunch and three riders with a view behind them. The riders on the left and center are Chuck and Julie from North Carolina.  Chuck is going back to work after Casper, WY while Julie is going all the way across.  The rider on the left is Terry who was born in England but now lives in Tuscon, AZ, and is our oldest rider at age 74.  For him age is a number, not a state of mind.  

Unfortunately, the day did not end well for me.  Though I have had knee aches in the past they have been minor. But, for the first time I had serious knee pain.  The mileage and mountain passes caught up with me.  The last 12 miles I was passed by several riders and one very quick snail.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. 

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