Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 50

Done.  Today I completed something that only a very small percentage of the population can say they have done.  I biked across the United States and part of Canada.  And I was one of the riders on the tour that biked every mile.  A number of riders were forced to sag one day or more for a variety of reasons, injury, sickness or mechanical problems, but I was very lucky and did not have any of those problems, at least to the extent that it would have kept me from biking.  Including detours and missed turns, a total of 3,736 miles and according to my bike computer, 235,183 total calories burned. 

Today was a very easy day, it was only 50 miles and myself and the other riders took our time.  The first pictures are of the only rest stop and the last one of the tour.  The first two are of two of my best friends from the tour, Damien from Ireland and Diane from the Bay area in SF.  We were to all meet at a junior high about 3 miles from the beach, so with time to spare all riders stopped at a bakery about 10 miles from the junior high.  The first pictures are of the Netherlands group, brothers Andreias and Jan and Jan’s girlfriend Connie.  The second is of Nancy and Adrianne.  Nancy turned 69 on the tour and this is her fourth time biking across the US and this time she brought her daughter Adrianne.  Nancy has also done a number of international tours in various countries. 

The next pictures are from the junior high.  The first is of riders who are 60 and older.  Yes, I am in this group as I turned 60 a few days before the tour started.  One of the things I learned from the tour is age is just a number and does not define a person.  Though I hung out with individuals of all ages, three of my closest friends from the tour were 25 and younger.  Each had a magnetic personality and were very bright and thoughtful.  Individuals who are not set in their ways, are open to new ideas, have enlightening conversations, and can relate to anyone.  One of the individuals, Lucy who is 22 told me she learned on the tour that old people can be fun.  I assume she meant other old people, not me, though I am fun.  The second is a picture of the group.    

We had a police escort the 3 miles to the beach which was very cool.  The final pictures are of me arriving and dipping my wheels in the Atlantic Ocean.  Coast to Coast, pretty awesome.  Also there is a picture of Kim and I at the beach and then out for a very nice meal at a restaurant in a building that was built in 1785.  A great way to celebrate the end of the tour.   

After I have had some time to reflect on the Tour, I will add to the blog, but for now some thoughts. 

I want to thank Kim, Courtney and Morgan who supported me the whole tour but even more important encouraged me to do the tour. 

I want to thank my staff but before doing so, I want to thank my previous staff, Julie, Amanda, and Katie.  Without them or the foundation they helped build, we would not be where we are today.  I could send them gifts, but I am sure that would cheapen the moment for them.  Along with Courtney and Morgan, thank you Ryan, Stephanie, Ashley and Chelsey.  I am blessed with a very talented group  of individuals.  Thank you each of you very much. 

Biking coast to coast was pretty awesome.  More later. 

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