Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 46

Day 45 was a mosy day for me.  I did not feel bad, but not great either.  We had a slight headwind so I just took it easy and meandered the whole way.  I did make one wrong turn, but caught it right away.  I told the other riders I was exploring.  Once I got in,while I was stretching and cleaning my bike, Kim was exploring Little Falls.  She described it as a very old mill town producing cotton and wool among other items.  They just celebrated their 200 anniversary. 

The two pictures are of the Mohawk River and the road next to the river along with some riders.  There is so much early colonial and American history associated with this river and Mohawk Indian Nation, it was a very cool experience. 

The terrain today was rolling.  There were some farms and lots of trees; however, I would not describe it as rural.  There were very few times we were not going by houses.  Some were very nice, some were average and some were minimalistic.  There was a lot of traffic and though for the most part we had paved shoulders, some of the time we were on roads with no shoulders.  As with the rest of the ride, most drivers were very considerate, but because of the greater number of cars, it seemed like we had more drivers honk at us in an unfriendly manner. 

Tomorrow we ride to Latham.  So far the forecast looks good. 

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