Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 44

Day 44 was 84 miles under sunny skies and a slight tailwind.  After getting out of Niagara Falls, we were on rural roads, but still lots of houses and a fair amount of traffic.  Most roads had a paved shoulder.  I took my time, and it was great to know that when I got done, Kim would be there.

Only took one picture, and that was of rap.  Rap is the meeting we have each night to discuss the next day’s route.  In Wyoming and SD it was not a long meeting as often we were on the same road all day, but since MN, we might have 30-50 turns in one day, so it is important to pay attention.  I have a tendency to let my mind wander so I really have to stay focused.  We get a trip sheet that lists all the turns and roads and distance between each turn and total mileage as one makes the turn.  The trip sheet also list towns, food and where the rest stops will be.  Many riders have missed turns including me and it is a real bummer to have to ride extra miles. 

Tomorrow could be a fun day as we ride on the trail for a few miles next to the Erie canal; however, the forecast is for rain and t-storms all day.    

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